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LOCATION: Home studio in Chicagoland with the simplest of setups. We started with an outdoor sunrise shoot at 6:15 am in a 50 degree chill then warmed up in the studio

CAMERA AND LENS: Nikon D300 and the ever classic 85 mm 1.4; In this case, I shot at ISO 500, 1/80 shutter speed and an f 2.8 aperture to add an extra punch of sharpness; Contrary to the norm, I love the higher iso and slower shutter speeds that give a painterly and even ethereal softness.

LIGHTING: Utterly simple… Employed my foldout black fabric background 6-8 feet behind the model and shot right through my continuous ring light from 2 feet back. I had it mounted on a light stand approximately 4 feet in front of the model. I’m always amazed it’s almost quicksilver rendition of highlights. Rather than use a ring light for the typical, punchy fashion look, I use it softly.

CREATIVE PROCESS: This shoot was part of a larger theme as an homage of sorts to the 1980′s Benneton ads with the use of several very different international models with greatly differing skin, traits and cultures. Dark skin, freckles, red hair, angular lines, soft curves. I love the addition of wind which adds to the mystery of the lighting.

POST PRODUCTION: My Lightroom and Photoshop work is always a little of this and a little of that. I pulled out some detail in the shadows and added some puffs of light in the highlights and midtones. Finally, I used much less skin softening than you’d imagine, relying instead on the 2.8 aperture and the 500 iso and 1/80th shutter speed.